Eventful August, 2015

If you liked the post for Festival February, you’ll like this one as well. There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in August:

1. Maralal Camel Derby, Kenya – August 19-21

Maralal Camel Derby, Kenya

Most of the world’s premier horse races have come and gone by August. But what about other ungulates? See camels vie for the finish line at the Maralal Camel Derby in northern Kenya. The hillside market town of Maralal comes to life for this high-energy event that blends sport and culture for a truly unique experience.

2. Sziget Festival, Hungary – August 10-17

Sziget Festival, Hungary

Hoping to see some live music before summer’s end? Set your sights on the Sziget Festival. Scores of artists from Ellie Goulding to Interpol will perform on an idyllic island in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get a heaping side of culture with the price of admission. Theater, art, and circus events round out this multicultural affair.

3. Melbourne Writers Festival, Australia – August 20-30

Melbourne Writers Festival, Australia

More of a bookworm? Join literary luminaries from Australia and beyond for 11 days of magic at the Melbourne Writers Festival. This year, to celebrate the gathering’s 30th anniversary, the festival will highlight 30 literary figures under 30 who command attention.

4. Tetsuya Odori, Japan – August 13-16

Tetsuya Odori, Japan

Get ready to shake a leg (for four nights straight!) at Tetsuya Odori—the highlight of the Gujo Odori traditional dance festival—in Goju Hachiman, Japan. Tetsuya Odori, which was introduced during the Edo period to promote harmony among the social classes, takes place from sunset to sunrise each day. In keeping with the egalitarian spirit of this ancient tradition, visitors are encouraged to participate. So be sure to pick up a yukata kimono and a pair of wooden geta shoes to look the part and pack your endurance—you’ll need it.

5. 626 Night Market – USA – August 7-9

626 Night Market - USA

If you fancy yourself a foodie, or simply like to try new things, head to the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, a cool 15 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. According to event organizers, it’s the “original and largest Asian-themed night market in the United States,” boasting hundreds of food vendors hawking everything from mango sticky rice to bacon jerky. If you miss the market in August, they’ll be setting up for one last hurrah over Labor Day weekend.

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