How important is a Travel Insurance?

travel-insurance-claimBefore setting off on a trip, you take painstaking efforts to make sure everything goes exactly the way you plan. Too bad, even circumspect travelers become callous when it comes to buying travel insurance. But buying a travel cover is imperative; it is after all your safety net against unforeseen circumstances and crippling costs following them.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

There are different types of coverage available, and you can compare travel insurance and choose the one that suits best for your specific needs. Here are some of the most popular ones available in India

1. Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies, permanent disability and death, checked-in lost/stolen baggage, travel delay/cancellation, emergency cash and personal liability.
Any Indian resident (ages 6 months to 65 years) is eligible for a domestic insurance. Also, any non resident of India travelling to India can enroll for this insurance too.

2. International travel insurance

Besides the usual coverage, international travel insurance gives a comprehensive coverage for medical expenses overseas, hijack, baggage and travel delays, repatriations/evacuation to India, and loss of travel documents/passport.
Everyone is eligible for an international travel insurance however, if you are above the age of 50, you might be required to go through a medical examination.

3. Corporate travel insurance

Under corporate travel insurance in India, employees of an organization can get coverage for both international and domestic trips. Some of benefits include:

  • Personal Belongings cover
  • Expenses due to cancelled flights
  • Expenses due to illness/injury
  • Stolen/lost money/personal belongings
  • If you cancel or cut your trip short

4. Student travel insurance

You might be one of the students who aspire to study abroad or a parent who wants his/ her child to get admission in a reputed foreign university. Apart from worries like food and house, what bother students and their family is “how to tackle emergency situations.” Adding to the list of nervousness is the expensive hospitalization in foreign country.
Most of the universities require that the students must have a medical insurance covering him/her for the duration of his/her course. Student travel insurance covers:

  • Equipment insurance (mobile, computer, etc)
  • Personal liability
  • Medical expenses
  • Istunterruptions in studies

5. Senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen insurance is for people who belong to the age group 61-70. It includes coverage for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization besides the usual benefits associated with travel insurance.

6. Family travel insurance

Family travel insurance covers hospitalization, baggage loss, and other incidental expenses. The claim disbursement is easy with minimal paperwork involved.

7. Individual travel insurance

Through individual insurance, you can get coverage against cancellation of trip, home burglary and trip curtailment.

Key Features of Travel Insurance

Online travel insurance is all about providing travelers an ideal cover against emergency/unforeseen situations right at the comfort of home. There are certain key features which one should look out for while zeroing on a plan.

  • Coverage for in/out patient hospitalization along with daily allowance.
  • Personal accident cover in case of permanent disability/death.
  • Coverage for contingencies related to personal possession.
  • Coverage for loss of baggage and passport.
  • Coverage for expenses related to trip delays.


Travel insurance policies cover only what they say they cover. You should read the fine print carefully before you file a claim and wonder why you got rejected. Here are a few of the exclusions to common insurance policies:

  • Flights/trains missed due to local protests/civil war.
  • Expenses incurred due to local protests/civil unrest.
  • Pre-existing conditions leading to hospitalization.
  • Accidents due to dangerous sports
  • Visiting hazardous spots
  • Situations of Self harm (Suicide)
  • Natural Calamities
  • Baggage delay that is less than 24 hours.
  • Damage/loss of keys.

However, the exclusions differ from plan to plan. It is best to compare travel insurance quotes to bag the plan with minimal exclusions. Check in advance whether your insurance policy will pay doctors and hospitals directly or reimburse you later for overseas health expenditure (keep all documentation for your claim). It’s crucial to get a police report in India if you’ve had anything stolen; insurance companies may refuse to reimburse you without one.

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