Sunset from Belleville

There’s a secret sundowner spot up above Paris in up-and-comer, Belleville, where Parisiens watch the sun go down behind the Eiffel Tower, from a safe distance.

Sit outside on the terrace at dive-y, fun bar, Le O’Paris and try to grab the attention of the lone, harrowed waitress; duck into the little bakery across the road for snacks; or perch in the pretty little park just before sunset.

Everyone in the area stops to watch the light fade over Paris, there’s something of a quiet awe in the air. Be here to see it for yourself.

IMG_1632_spot_belleville-sunse IMG_1667_belleville-sunset-the-travelling-light-map_670 IMG_1642_belleville-sunset-paris-the-travelling-light_670 IMG_1692_belleville-sunset-the-travelling-light-map_670

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