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Annapurna Circuit Nepal |, Nepal

Tailoring Your Trip

This itinerary is designed to give you a flavour of what is possible

  • We can tailor this trip to suit your specific requirements
  • Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered, from excursions to accommodation

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Highlights of this itinerary

  • Incredible sceneries of rivers & rivulets
  • Flora & fauna, amazing landscapes, numerous culture & tradition
  • All anti-clockwise direction with wonderful mountain views
  • 360 degree of views of snow-capped mountains
  • The Great Himalayan Trail


Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu Valley

Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, your group leader will warmly welcome you and transfer you to your hotel. The transfer will take us approx. 30 minutes only and it will go through the intricate streets of the city.

In the evening, there will be pre-trip departure meeting at your hotel complex. Your leader will be with you and be available to you for suggesting you a suitable restaurant for your wonderful evening meal.

Day 2: Transfer from Kathmandu city to Besi Sahar and trek to Bhulbule (Approx.170km – 4.5 hour's drive, approx. 11km – 2.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 840m)

Today will be an exciting day for us as we shall drive to Besi Sahar, which is the gateway to Annapurna Circuit, and start our adventure. The entire drive will be scenic and it will follow mighty rivers that have originated from the Himalayas. And before and from Dumre, we shall follow against Marshyangdi River, which will be with us for 10 days during our trekking, and go past sparse villages and cluster of country houses that are on the highway.

Once in Besi Sahar, we shall adjust our gear and other required materials and start our trek. The first section of the trail will be steep downhill for a while whereas the second section will be gentle uphill via dusty track. After few ups and downs on the scenery trail in the countryside, we shall arrive at a long suspension bridge over Khudi River. And right after traversing it, Bulbule will be awaiting us to welcome.

Day 3: Bhulbule to Bahundanda (Approx. 11km – 4 hour's trek: o/nt. altitude -1300m)

Today, upon leaving Bhulbule, we shall first cross the Marshyangdi River via long frail suspension bridge and then go through bush forest as well as landslide area for a while. Then the trail will traverse Nagdi River, ascend slowly and go past few small teashops at Lampata. And before reaching Bahundanda, we shall have to trek through a small uphill section.

Day 4: Bahundanda to Chyamje (Approx. 12km – 7 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 1410m)

Today, right from the start, the trail from Bahundanda will drop down to the Marshyangdi River. After crossing the river itself, the trail will go high above the river and while going through Lili Bhir. Then, it will pass several small streams and go over a ridge before taking us through serene and pleasant villages of Kanigaon, Ghermu Phant and a stone village namely Jagat. The trail from here will be undulating and it will lead us to Chyamje.

Day 5: Chyamje to Bagarchhap (Approx. 16km – 7 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2160m)

Day 5: Chyamje to Bagarchhap (Approx. 16km – 7 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2160m) This day's trail will mostly tag along the Marshyagdi River's embankment and it will ascend via lodges, local teahouses and beautiful waterfall along the way to the little village of Bagarchhap..

Day 6: Bagarchhap to Chame (Approx. 12km – 6 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2710m)

The trail today will be exciting as the incredible snow-capped Lamjung Himal (6986m), Annapurna II (7937m) and Manaslu (8156m; the 9th highest on earth) can be seen during our trek. We shall trek through fir and pine trees trail as well as through a small village of Timang Besi and Lattemarang before arriving at Chame.

Day 7: Chame to Lower Pisang (Approx. 12km – 5.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 3240m)

Today, the trail will first cross a small stream then the Marshyangdi River itself via suspension bridge. Thereafter, the trail will go through barley fields, descend to a bridge, cross it and go through Bhratang village before going through deep forests and ascending to upper Marsyagdi valley. Soon, we shall be in Lower Pisang where cluster of houses sit on either side of the trail and a long Mani Wall right in the middle.

Day 8: Lower Pisang to Manang (Approx. 19km – 6.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 3540m)

We shall trek through various villages including Bryaga where houses are built with stones and are piled up one atop the other making one's balcony open by a neighbour's rooftop, not to mention the wonderful views of snow-capped mountains including Annapurna II (7937m), Annapurna III (7555m) and Gangapurna (7455m). During our trek, we shall also see the largest Gompa of Manang district. A short trek past Chortens and Mani Walls will bring us to a flattish land of barren Manang from where we shall be able to enjoy the incredible alpine views of the area including snow-capped mountains. We shall stay here for the following day to acclimatise.

Day 9: In Manang

People of Manang were conferred special trading privileges in 1784 AD by the then King Rana Bahadur Shah, and subsequently they were the ones first seen in the country in fashionable Western apparels brought from their visits to various Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Here, hoteliers are also clever as they have managed to discover most trekkers' choice and have included even hamburger and steaks on their food menu. We shall go hiking in the surrounding areas or just gad about the area including old Manang village that comprises approx. 500 flat-roofed houses separated by narrow alleyways.

Day 10: Manang to Yak Kharka (Approx. 8.5km – 5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 4018m)

Upon leaving Manang, our trail will mostly ascend and also slowly climb out of the Marshyangdi River valley. Now, the area will be more barren with mostly scrub juniper and alpine grasses only. We shall trek through a meadow where horses and yak graze, traverse a large stream that has come into existence with melting of snow from Chulu Peak (6419m) and Gundang, go past ancient Mani Wall in grassland and arrive at Yak Kharka, also known as Koche.

Day 11: Yak Kharka to Phedi (Approx. 10km – 4.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 4450m)

The trek to Phedi from Yak Kharka will be leisurely strides as we shall be trekking on higher elevation and also ascending. Upon arriving at Phedi, we shall rest awhile and then hike up for an hour on the trail that will lead us to Thorung –La Pass - the highest elevation point on Annapurna Circuit route. The hike will be required for acclimatising as we shall have been already above 4000m. We shall be ascending further up to 5416m the following day.

Day 12: Phedi to Thorung-La Pass (5416m) and to Muktinath (Approx. 15km – 9 to 12 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 3800m)

Today, it will be very wonderful and exciting day for us as we shall be crossing Throung-La Pass, our ultimate destination. Our start shall be very early in the morning as the trail will be steep ascent for 4 to 6 hours and it will be much easier to cross it before the sun will have been right over our head. There is a teahouse at approx. 2 hour's trek from Phedi and wherein we shall be able to take tea break and catch our breath before continuing our trek. From this point, the top of the pass is only for approx. 2 hours' trek.

Upon arriving on the top of the pass, we shall stay here for a while and enjoy ourselves to full extent. The views of the snow-capped mountains are simply stunning so as the views of distant horizon. There is even a small local tea-shop wherein we shall be able to sip hot drink and engross in gazing at the stunning surroundings. Soon, we shall start to descend steeply for approx. 6 to 8 hours before arriving in Muktinath.

Day 13: Muktinath to Kagbeni (Approx. 11km – 4 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2800m)

We shall start our trek a little bit late than our usual starting time as we shall have complimentary sleep for additional hours after all that challenges from the previous day. Or else, we shall visit the Muktinath temple in the morning and get insight into the Hindus and Buddhists culture & tradition.

The trail of the day will be downhill and it will go through Jharkot and Khingar. Soon, we shall see the first glimpse of mighty Kali Gandaki River (it is older than the Himalayas and is renowned for forming the deepest gorge; 6500m, on earth) ahead of us far down below. After trekking awhile, the trail will divide into two. We shall take the right hand side trail that will lead us to Kagbeni, which is also the entry point to the restricted area namely Upper Mustang. We shall stroll into the village of Kagbeni and relax.

Day 14: Kagbeni to Marpha (Approx. 20km – 5.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2670m)

Upon leaving Kagbeni behind, the trail will follow the left bank of the Kali Gandaki River. In general, the level of the trial for today will be gentle descent and it will follow the river.

The first section of the trail till Eklaibhatti will be on the dusty track whereas after that it will drop to the riverbed and continue to follow the wide river bank where we shall spot Himalayan Griffin in the vicinity. Soon, we shall arrive at Jomsom; the administrative headquarter for Mustang district where the service & facility of hospital, banks, ATM and even a small airstrip are available; the place is also known as Windy Valley as it is windy and it gets really strong in the noon nearly enough to blow us sometimes. We shall cross the river in Jomsom and continue to trek keeping the mighty river on our left. Arriving at Marpha from Jomsom will perhaps take us an hour.

Day 15: Marpha to Kalopani (Approx. 19.5km – 6 hour's; o/nt. altitude - 2530m)

We shall continue to follow the Kali Gandaki River and cross it several times to reach Kalopni. Upon arriving here, we shall relax and shall take a leisurely walk in the vicinity in the late afternoon.

Day 16: Kalopani to Tatopani (Approx. 24.5km – 6.5 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 1160m)

Today, we shall first descend gently through Lete and then through sub-tropical forest to Ghasa. The trail will continue descending via Pairo Thapla, Kopchepani and beautiful water fall namely Rupse Chhahara. We shall continue descending through Dana and Guithe before reaching Tatopani.

Literally known as Hot water, Tatopani has vibrant ambience with hot springs nearby the river right below the village. A good number of domestic tourists and pilgrims to and from Muktinath temple take a dip in the hot spring as it is widely believed that it cures backaches, muscle aches and joint problems.

Day 17: Tatopani to Ghorepani (Approx. 14.5km – 8 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 2785m)

We shall trek along the Kaligandaki River for a while, soon cross it and start to ascend. This will be the section from where we shall leave the river behind. The trail is uphill today; however, the views are simply pleasant. Several sparse villages belonging to Magar and Pun ethnic groups also lie on the trail. And before arriving in Ghorepani, we shall ascend through steep stone steps trail. We shall rest time and time again to catch our breath and rehydrate ourselves.

Day 18: Ghorepani to Birethani (Approx. 16.5km – 10 hour's trek; o/nt. altitude - 1025m)

There will be an optional pre-dawn hike (approx. an hour) up to Poon Hill (3210m) that will offer wonderful Sunrise view form the top.

We shall have breakfast and then start to descend via forest trail with stone steps in the beginning and then through mixed ones later. The trial will continue to descend and descend and descend which will go past few teahouses in Banthanti and then through sharp descent with stone steps in Ulleri. From Tikhedunga, the trail will be mostly gentle descend and follow Bhurungdi River until Birethanti – our last night in the trekking route.

Day 19: Birethanti to Naya Pul and drive to Pokhara city (Approx. 2km – 30 minute's trek and then 1.5 hour's drive; o/nt. altitude - 830m)

We shall cross the confluence via concrete bridge immediately after leaving Birethanti and then follow Modi River that has come all the way from Annapurna Sanctuary (Annapurna Base Camp) area. The half and hour trail through dusty track has quite a few number of small tea stalls and souvenir shops. Eventually, the trail will lead us to Naya Pul (830m) from where we shall be transferred via approx. 1.5 hour's drive to Pokhara city.

Upon arriving in Pokhara city, we shall have free time and relax.

Day 20: Pokhara city to Kathmandu city (210km – 6.5 hour's drive; o/nt. altitude - 1400m)

We shall drive back to Kathmandu city via Prithvi Highway. Upon arriving at your hotel, you will be free to do your own thing.

Day 21: departure

You will be transferred to Tribhuvan International Airport according to your flight schedule. Our tour will end here.

What's Included

  • Accommodations with Breakfast
  • Non AC accommodation (Hotel Billabong – budget hotel in Lakeside, Pokhara) with breakfast in Pokhara city after the trek.
  • Transfer to Besi Sahar via Tourist bus/Local Hi-ace (all non AC vehicles) from Kathmandu city
  • Transfer from Nayapul to Pokhara city via chartered vehicle (non AC vehicle).
  • Transfer from Pokhara city to Kathmandu city via tourist bus (non AC vehicle).
  • Guide throughout the trip.
  • Other trek support staff
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entrance fee required for trekking.
  • Trekker's Information Management System (TIMS) card required for trekking.
  • Emergency Support

What's Excluded

  • Nepal visa and visa extension fees.
  • Air tickets.
  • Meals that are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Travel/Medical insurance.
  • Personal medical kit.
  • Expenses for personal nature
  • Emergency evacuation cost
  • Any kinds of transfers other than those mentioned in the itinerary


  • 3.09% Govt. Service Tax will be applicable on total invoice value.

Trip Type

Hills | Sight Seeing | Adventure | Activity | Camping | Expedition

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